About Us

Responsible investments since 2022

Evergreen Terrace Investments is a privately held, California-based, real estate investment partnership founded in 2022. We manage a growing, and diversified, real estate portfolio of investment properties throughout California. The founding partners have over 50 years of professional experience across key industries, which gives Evergreen Terrace Investments a unique competitive advantage.

Our Philosophy

We generate value for our investors.
We seek to generate value for our investors to help them achieve their financial and investment goals.

We think in terms of decades.
We value long-term, sustainable growth, and responsible investing, over short-term gains.

We are data-driven.
We make sound business decisions based on rigorous data collection and analysis.

We manage risk responsibly.
We understand we can lose investments as quickly as they are realized. We embrace asset and investment diversification as a risk management strategy.